Work Experience Checklist

The following checklist is provided as an indication of the areas from which a prospective member of the BICA should gain some training and practical experience. Please request your employer to countersign the relevant areas in which you have acquired experience whilst in his employment.

1Basic Details
2Business Details
3Employement History

Personal Information

Dates of Employment

This checklist is provided as a guide to indicate the areas in which applicants have gained work experience during their training. In addition to completion of the accountancy examinations, candidates for admission to membership are required to acquire sufficient and appropriate practical experience in financial and/or accounting activities.

While it is clearly desirable for a student under training to acquire a breadth of experience, its depth is equally important and may sometimes be more significant. The BICA will consider applications from students who are otherwise qualified and who are following a career in specialist areas.

It is not expected that all the numbered headings need to be covered before an application is made. Normally, experience gained with 3 – 4 of the numbered headings would demonstrate the required breadth of experience needed for membership purposes.

In addition to the completion of this checklist, an official covering letter should be provided to confirm the applicant’s:

  • Specific dates of employment including any promotions;
  • Job title(s) for each post held;
  • Number of staff supervised; and
  • Number of hours worked per week.