Council Members

The BICA Council Members

Ms. Susanne Swaniker Tettey

Council President
Tax Committee Chairperson

Mr. Moshe C. Zila Libengo

Vice President
Chair of Membership & Examinations Committee Chairperson

Mr. Collen Sethapo

Member Of the HR Committee

Ms. Onneile Nelly Maripe

Council Member
Training and Professional Development Committee Chairperson

Thato Ndwapi

Chairperson of the Technical Committee

Mr. Kushinga Zimucha

Chairperson of Audit committee

Ms. Josephina T. Ntshinogang

Council Member
Ministerial Appointee & Sanction Committee Chairperson

Mr. Craig Granville

Northern Committee Representative

Mr. Oratile Oras Mahatlhe

Accounting Technicians Committee Representative

Ms. Verily Molatedi

BICA Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Tebogo Zebe

Council Secretary

The Council

The affairs of the Institute are managed by the Council in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the rules and regulations and any lawful resolutions passed at a general meeting of the Institute. The Council membership consists of the following persons:

Three Ministerial Appointees

An elected member of the council shall, unless he vacates his office earlier, hold office for a period of two years from the date of his election. The Council has power to appoint Committees to assist the Council in performing its functions and at present, has the following committees, whose chairpersons shall be members of the Council.