The Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants represents a profession and a profession represents the product of skills acquired through accumulation of theoretical knowledge, training and education, evaluation of the Members competence, integrity, and guided by codes of conduct regulated by an institute or a professional body.

The nature and functions of the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants are encapsulated in its Mission statement; To be the foremost professional body in Botswana in terms of objectivity, integrity and competence and thereby promote the long-term interests of its Members and the community at large and to uphold public confidence in the profession.

BICA offers an array of services including but not limited to;

  • Establishing Botswana professional accountancy qualification
  • Registration of accountants in all branches of accounting
  • Promoting high quality accounting, auditing and financial reporting standards and
  • Supervising the accounting profession in the public interest.
  • Promoting high standards of professional ethics and business standards
  • Enhancing quality services offered by professional accountants
  • Protecting the public and ensuring the highest standards of professional accounting
  • Contributing to the international developments of accounting and auditing standards
  • Provision of administrative services to ACCA join examination Scheme, AAT and CIS.

BICA draws its mandate from the Accountants Act of 2010 and does not have within its mandate, the authority to advocate for accountants salaries.

Any person other than a body corporate who has attained the age of 21 years; Is resident in Botswana; Has passed such examinations as may from time to time be prescribed by the Council; Is in the opinion of the Council, a fit and proper person to be admitted as a Member of the institute and is a Member in good standing of such other institute or professional body of accountants, which is recognized by the Institute.

A person may apply to the institute to be registered as a professional accountant, in such form and manner as may be prescribed if he or she has fulfilled the qualification criteria for the institute.

Any person other than a body corporate;

  • Who has attained the age of 21 years
  • Resident in Botswana
  • Passed such examinations as may from time to time be prescribed by the Council.
  • Is, in the opinion of the Council, a fit and proper person to be admitted as a Member of the institute and is a Member in good standing of such other institute or professional body of accountants, which is recognized by the Institute.
  • Has satisfied the practical training requirements and other internship-related

Link to the Membership forms: https://www.bica.org.bw/application-forms

Checklist of requirements:

  • Certified copies of certificates and ID
  • 2 BICA referees
  • 2 years work experience
  • Letter of appointment (for you current job)
  • Police clearance
  • Work experience checklist
  • Letter of good standing from parent body (for Associate and Fellow Membership)


BICA Membership is compulsory by law as enshrined in the Accountants Act of 2010. It is not a choice but a legal requirement for anyone performing accounting and/or accounting related work for a salary or fee to register. Even employers have been sensitized about this and that is why whenever there is a job vacancy for an accountant they insist that you should be a BICA Member. Even if you have ACCA, CIMA or AAT you are still required to do so. By using the designated letters of your Membership category, it gives you the status and prestige that you indeed know what you are doing, and you are regulated for the same, which means when it comes to public interest protection, which is one of BICA’s core mission, you are trusted even beyond Botswana to deliver an excellent service. You get subsidized rates for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events, these are expensive mind you, for u to stay relevant and abreast of any developments in the profession.

BICA is an internationally recognized body. Currently BICA has a reciprocal agreement with ICAEW this to say the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) and ICAEW are working together to support BICA Members and students in becoming Members of ICAEW. This means that BICA Members and students will hold both BICA and ICAEW Membership.

Holding both Memberships will lead to wider international recognition and give support from two professional bodies which are valued around the world in business, practice and the public sector.

The Membership consists of the following broad categories:

a) Fellow Members;

b) Associate Members; and

c) Accounting Technician Members

Please visit https://www.bica.org.bw/Membership-categories  to read more on the different categories

The Membership application is a process that takes 4-6 weeks which includes assessment by different assessors at different stages and the Membership committee. However, upon submission of application online, an acknowledgement of receipt of application is given. From the date of receipt, it takes four weeks for processing, after which period a response is communicated to the applicant. However, for the month of October which is the cut-off date for all end of year applications, any application received after the October approval will be deferred for approval in January of the following year


Fellow  P3, 501.55 (14% VAT inclusive) UPGRADE 2

Associate  P3, 260.28 (14% VAT inclusive) UPGRADE 1

AccTech  P1, 660. 64 (14% VAT inclusive) STARTER

Annual Subscription Fees

Fellow P3, 242.00 (14% VAT inclusive) UPGRADE 2

Associate P3, 000.78 (14% VAT inclusive) UPGRADE 1

AccTech P1, 528.32 (14% VAT inclusive) STARTER

There is a reduced fee for new applications coming in the remaining half of the year (July to December). Kindly call us on 397 2992 to get a detailed quotation on this

There are four steps to becoming a BICA Chartered Accountant. These comprise;

  1. Register with BICA as a student
  2. Enroll with one of the accredited tuition providers (Botswana Accountancy College, BaIsago University College and Arthur Portland).
  3. Complete the four essential elements of BICA.
    • Exams (15 exams, including the year of approved training)
    • PWE (450 days of Practical Work Experience within period of approved training)
    • PD (Professional Development)
    • Ethics and Professional Skepticism
  1. Qualify and apply for both BICA/ICAEW Membership

Hi First name of recipient, these are the BICA entry requirements: Degree in Accounting or Accounting related qualifications recognized by the institute, AAT graduate, ACCA or CIMA part qualified or any other IFAC recognized accountancy body.

Hi First name of recipient, kindly wait for an announcement to be made regarding this issue on our Facebook page and from media publications.

Below are fees and costs for BICA Students:

Initial Registration: P800

Annual Subscription Fees: P800

Per Certificate Module GBP75 + P50 Admin Fee

Per Professional Module GBP105 + P50 Admin Fee

Per Advance Module GBP180 + P100 Admin Fee

Per Case Study GBP270 + P100 Admin Fee

You will have to bring your transcripts to BICA to determine which exemptions you qualify for, and you are similarly expected to apply for the same. Alternatively you can send your transcript via e-mail to BICA-students@bica.org.bw and be clear what you are looking for.

Secretarial services is one of those services offered by BICA Members. We do not have specific requirements for those offering secretarial services. According to the companies act it is a requirement for one to be a BICA Member, lawyer or a Member of a secretarial association. Therefore one has to satisfy one of the categories stated on the companies act.

The BICA Qualification takes 3 to 5 years or 450 days of practical work experience.

There are four professional level exam sittings in a year and two exam sittings for advanced level.

Our registration is BWP 1,600.00, you need to meet the minimum requirements of Degree in accounting or AAT Level 4. For more details please contact our office at 3702309 they will assist you.

The criteria for selection for ‘Government sponsorship’ is a minimum of 40 points, however your BGCSE points do not apply if you are self-sponsored. To apply for BICA qualification you simply need to have a minimum of degree in accounting or accounting related qualification and AAT level 4.

We are located at Plot 50374, Block 3, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Fairgrounds Financial Centre, Private Bag 0021, Gaborone, Botswana and;

Plot 31966, Unit 7, 1st Floor. Baines Avenue, Francistown, Botswana Kindly call 241 8280 for any assistance at our Francistown Office.

Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants