Taxation for Related Parties

9 September 2021

8:30 am / 4:30 pm



Jonathan Hore


Course Overview

Most related parties have special intercompany transactions whose terms are influenced by their relationships.
On the other hand, the Tax Acts prescribe special treatment for related party transactions, mainly to counter
tax leakages which emanate from the mentioned relationships.
BICA brings you a 2-day Tax Webinar in which the following matters will, among others, be discussed:
the following:

  • The general arm’s length principle and how it affects both related and unrelated party transactions
  • VAT treatment of related party transactions and deeming provisions
  • The special time of supply provisions for related parties
  • The participator rules under the Income Tax Act and deemed withholding tax on dividends and interest
    (interest-free loans)
  • Free intercompany transfers of assets and loan write-offs: the Income Tax and Capital Transfer Tax
  • The new interest limitation provisions and the concept of group companies and SMMEs
  • A peep into the Transfer Pricing provisions for MNEs and IFSCs

Meet the facilitator

Jonathan Hore has over 22 years practical experience in Tax and Customs matters acquired from working in
Canada, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Of the 22 years, 9 were spent with KPMG and the rest as a Tax & Customs
Specialist. Jonathan is the Managing Tax Consultant of Aupracon Tax Specialists, a local tax specialist services
provider. He holds various tax-related qualifications including Advanced Tax & Customs Procedures (ZIMRA) as
well as Advanced VAT (UNISA).
Jonathan has facilitated over 60 tax seminars in Botswana over a period of 8 years. He writes weekly Tax articles
for The Business Weekly & Review and has published over 1400 articles through the print media. He authored
11 books on Taxation, 9 on Botswana Tax and 2 on Zimbabwe Tax. He also presented as a guest speaker at the
2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 FNB Budget Review forums as well as at the ACCA 2020 Budget symposium.