Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

13 September 2021

8:30 am / 4:30 pm

CPD Events


Mr. Stewart Muchuchuti


Course Overview

There is a demand for today’s leaders not only to be numerate but also to appreciate how they can use data generated every day in their
organizations in order to make sound, data driven decisions that will ultimately give them a competitive advantage.
The Forecasting and Predictive Analytics course will equip participants with fundamental techniques used for predictive analytics: regression,
classification, clustering, optimization, and simulation. The course starts off with exploration of the data to better understand it, understanding
business needs and proceeds to equipping learners with skills to develop and evaluate decision support models. Some basic Artificial Intelligence
algorithms including Decision Trees, Naïve Bayes, K-Nearest neighbor will be explored for the purposes of implementing the business models.
Monte Carlo Simulation will be applied for simulation problems. The R open source package and Microsoft Excel will be used for implementation.


Meet the facilitator
Stewart Muchuchuti is a motivated Data Analyst, Artificial Intelligence expert and educator, keen on helping organizations achieve efficiency by leveraging their data to develop and deploy data driven tools for competitive advantage. Having acquired immense skills in the much coveted and contemporary fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence, Stewart possess ability of applying the same, customizing them to your business needs. With data (structured or unstructured, social media, databases, financial statements, medical images etc.) having become the most valuable assets for most progressive organizations, Stewart will assist your organization harness this data, wrangle it and discover the needle in the haystack by providing insights from the data and developing useful predictive models for your business. Mr. Muchuchuti who is reading for a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, possesses the following academic qualifications and industry certifications: