Membership Upgrade

Bica Membership Upgrade

Congratulations! for qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and attaining full membership with your parent Chartered Professional Accountancy body, now you are eligible to upgrade your current BICA membership class to either Associate/Fellow.

BICA has a provision for membership upgrades to allow its members to upgrade to other categories and they are as follows;

Accounting Technician to Associate level

For one to upgrade membership from Accounting Technician Category to Associate level must do the following;

Associate To Fellow

For one to upgrade membership from the Associate Category to Fellow level must do the following;

BICA Automatic Membership Upgrade

Any member who has been in the Associate category of the Institute for a continuous period of 5 years in good standing shall be illegible for Automatic upgrade to Fellow level provided he/she meets all the CPD requirements. The automatic upgrade to Fellow will effect from the 1st January of the year.

Broad Range of Services

Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants counts among its membership resident members of the chartered and public bodies of accountants recognized under statute by the various countries including the UK, South Africa, India, Zambia, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. The institute strives to ensure that its members provide a high quality of services comparable to international standards. The Institute members provide the following services; Accountancy, Taxation, Management Consultancy, Computer Consultancy, Company Secretarial, Audit, Investigations, Recruitment, Liquidation.

Any person intending to practice as a Certified Public Accountant will have to be an associate or fellow member of the Institute and must have obtained a practicing certificate from the Council.

To obtain a Certified Auditing Certificate, the member