Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants



NO Membership Number Membership Status Membership Name Class of Membership Mailing Address
NO Membership Number Membership Status Membership Name Class of Membership Mailing Address
1 20020027 Active Abdul Caffoor, Hayrudeen Mr FCPA P O BOX 10879 ,Lobatse
2 20070067 Active Abdul Wahid, Mohamed Ashroff Mr FCPA P O BOX 403002,Broadhurst,Gaborone
3 20060009 Active Aftab, Rashid Mr FCPA P O BOX 404626,Gaborone
4 19990029 Active Agarwal, Vikas Mr FCPA P O Box 601369,Gaborone
5 20110147 Active Akuje, Ishmael Mr FCPA P O BOX 70994 UB,Gaborone
6 20140143 Active Alade, Evans Mr FCPA P.O Box 1077,Gaborone
7 20120184 Active Antwi, Kwabena Mr FCPA P.O. Box 403312,Gaborone
8 20030040 Active Arakkal, Devaprasad Mr FCPA P O BOX 401805 ,Gaborone
9 19980066 Active Armstrong, Lynette Mrs FCPA Postnet kgaleview,Private Bag BR 351,Suite 228 ADD, Gaborone
10 20000127 Active Arora, Pankaj Mr FCPA P O BOX 45128,Riverwalk ,Gaborone
11 20100090 Active Aslam, Sahiba Ms FCPA P O BOX 649,Gaborone ,,,,
12 20080111 Active Baakile, Ontibile Mrs FCPA P O Box 60701,Gaborone
13 20120188 Active Balasunderam, Subashini Ms FCPA P O BOX 294 ,Gaborone
14 20040073 Active Bantsi, Sapelo Mrs FCPA Private Bag BO 298,Gaborone
15 19930098 Active Batty, Iqbal Mr FCPA P O BOX 1519 ,Gaborone
16 20120116 Active Bayen, Edmund Mr FCPA Private Bag 0021,Gaborone
17 19900021 Active Bhasin, Arun Kumar Mr FCPA Privata Bag 054,Serowe
18 20161217 Active Bing, Yan Mrs FCPA P O Box 2909,Gaborone
19 20100042 Active Bogatsu, Abel Mr FCPA P O Box 402843,Gaborone
20 19990070 Active Bogatsu, Edward M Mr FCPA P O BOX 3148,Gaborone
21 20070047 Active Bogatsu, Tshepiso Mr FCPA P O BOX 30280 ,Tlokweng
22 20010089 Active Bojosi, Leggy Mrs FCPA P O Box 36112,Francistown
23 19900217 Active Botlhole-Mmopi, Caroline Mrs FCPA P O Box 47007,Gaborone
24 20110087 Active Botshabelo, Ishmael Mr FCPA P O BOX 81781 ,Gaborone
25 19970017 Active Bunting, Christine Miss FCPA P O BOX 30709,Gaborone
26 20020127 Active Butale, Bishy Mr FCPA P O BOX 20676,Gaborone
27 19909152 Active Chandramouli, Narasimhan Mr FCPA P O BOX 2324,Francistown
28 20120061 Active Chepete, Outlule Mr FCPA P O BOX 506,Selibi Phikwe
29 20130219 Active Chikwadze, Anthony Mr FCPA P.O Box AB 181 ABC,Postnet,Phakalane,Gaborone
30 20070106 Active Dalal, Younus Mr FCPA P O BOX 1290,Gaborone
31 20130263 Active Davids, Blessed Ms FCPA P O Box AD197ABE,Gaborone
32 20130185 Active Davies, Jonathan Mr FCPA P.O. Box 1476,Gaborone
33 20120096 Active De Wet, Rudolph Mr FCPA P.O. Box AD 639, ADD Postnet, Gaborone
34 20010022 Active Devarajan, Remya Mrs FCPA Private Bag BO 211,Gaborone
35 19980080 Active Devassy, jain Pavarattikkaran Mr FCPA P.O.Box 45069,Gaborone,
36 19910211 Active Devdevan, Gnanaprakasam Mr FCPA Private Bag 0028,Mogoditshane
37 19960085 Active Dhananjayan, Thippasamuthiram Mr FCPA P O BOX 10308 ,Village ,Gaborone
38 20110033 Active Dikgaka, Tebatso Miss FCPA P O BOX 11,Molepolole
39 20120140 Active Dikgang, Betsho Mr FCPA P.O Box AD 81, ACJ,Gaborone
40 20070054 Active Dintwe, Sesebo Ms FCPA P O Box 2227,Francistown
41 20170285 Active Dube, Isheunesu Mr FCPA P O Box 380,Gaborone
42 20100174 Active Dube, Margaret Miss FCPA P O BOX AE 720 AEH,Gaborone
43 20120191 Active Ebineng, Kabelo Mr FCPA P O BOX 1212,Gaborone
44 20110066 Active Ferguson, Elizabeth Mrs FCPA P O BOX 4911,Gaborone
45 19950001 Active Frohlich, Anthony Glen Mr FCPA P O BOX 30993 ,Tlokweng
46 20020117 Active Gabonewe, Mpho Mr FCPA P.O.BOX 20950,GABORONE
47 19980010 Active Galekhutle, Letlhokwa Mr FCPA P O Box 202297,Gaborone
48 19950035 Active Galhena, Parakrama Mr FCPA P O BOX 786,Gaborone
49 20070020 Active Gande, Tapiwa Mr FCPA Private Bag 00319,Plot 50661,International Fairgrounds,BAC - FFC Campus,Gaborone
50 20060049 Active Gaseitsiwe, Maatlametlo Miss FCPA P O BOX 80135,Gaborone
51 20060042 Active Gaseitsiwe, Masego Mrs FCPA P O BOX 2088,GABORONE
52 20120093 Active Gehlot, Virendra Mr FCPA P O Box 1508,Francistown
53 20110265 Active Ghosh, Suvanon Mr FCPA P O BOX 294 ,Gaborone
54 20070078 Active Gudo, Laureen Mrs FCPA P O BOX 40992,Gaborone
55 19920439 Active Gwere, Christopher Mr FCPA Private Bag 00168,Gaborone
56 19900256 Active Hall, Nicholas Mr FCPA P O Box 406,Gaborone
57 20020114 Active Hamdani, Zain-ul-Abedin Mr FCPA P O Box 4862,Gaborone
58 20170382 Active Harcourt - Cooke, Brenda Mrs FCPA P O Box AB 99 ABC Postnet,Phakalane,Gaborone,
59 20120192 Active Haruna, Osman Mr FCPA Wenchi Municipal Assembly,P.O. Box 9,Wenchi ,Ghana
60 20110106 Active Ikram, Atif Mr FCPA P O BOX 1797,Mochudi
61 20160849 Active Jauffur, Nasroullah Mr FCPA Suite 45, Vavid House,Yacoas,,Mauritius
62 20130061 Active Jjuko, Alex Mr FCPA P O Box 1502,Gaborone
63 19970050 Active Jones, Joanna Mrs FCPA P O BOX 1395 ,Gaborone
64 20050075 Active Jose, Jestine Mr FCPA P O BOX 1900,Gaborone
65 20120076 Active Joseph, Binoy Mr FCPA P.O. Box 403462,Gaborone
66 20050009 Active Joshi, Bhyravajoshyola Ramachandra Mr FCPA P O Box 501091 ,Gaborone
67 19900267 Active Kader, Najmuddin Mr FCPA P O Box 913,Gaborone
68 20110150 Active Kalake, Tebogo Miss FCPA P O BOX 570,Gaborone
69 20160179 Active Kalifungwa, Mumba Mr FCPA P. O. Box 478, Gaborone
70 20040092 Active Kamal, Mohammad Mr FCPA Private Bag 0065,Gaborone
71 20120098 Active Kamkwalala, Anjiru Mr FCPA P O Box 401795,Gaborone
72 20080142 Active Kamodi, Tiyedze Shirley Mrs FCPA Box 2697 ADD,Poso House,Gaborone
73 20110263 Active Kasthuriya Arachchige, Roshan Mr FCPA P O BOX 1950 ,Gaborone
74 20100018 Active Katombe, Michel Mr FCPA P O Box 1277,Francistown
75 20100142 Active Keitshokile, Nicholas Mr FCPA P O BOX 4000,Gaborone
76 20070105 Active Kewakae, Kabelo Mr FCPA P O BOX 80226,Gaborone
77 20090096 Active Kgengwenyane, Katso Miss FCPA P O BOX 3226,Gaborone
78 20050100 Active Kgosidiile, Bothepha Mrs FCPA Private Bag 1093 ,Gaborone
79 19980050 Active Kgosidiile, Cross Mr FCPA P O Box 1093,Gaborone
80 20150028 Active Kgotleng, Tshenolo Ms FCPA P.O Box 700,Gaborone
81 20020005 Active Khowe, Pelaelo Mr FCPA P O Box 45065,Riverwalk ,Gaborone
82 20020102 Active Khunwana, Tsholofelo Mrs FCPA P O BOX 162 AAD,Gaborone
83 20020042 Active Kimani, Alex Mr FCPA P O BOX 2166 ,Gaborone
84 20080015 Active Kuvenga, Harold Mr FCPA P O Box ADD 225,Gaborone
85 20030109 Active Lahri, Naseem Mrs FCPA P O BOX 2183 ,Gaborone
86 20040097 Active Laletsang, Nametso Mrs FCPA P O BOX 45366 ,Gaborone
87 20130212 Active Lekaukau, Moatlhodi Mr FCPA P.O. Box 444 AAH,Gaborone
88 20150246 Active Lenkopane, Keitumetse Mrs FCPA P.O Box 81365,Gaborone
89 20110090 Active Lenong, Sejo Mrs FCPA P O BOX 4620,Gaborone
90 20120144 Active Lenyatso, Mbaakanyi Mr FCPA P O BOX 53236,Gaborone
91 20020018 Active Letshwiti, Aucilla Mrs FCPA P O BOX 790,Gaborone
92 20090013 Active Letshwiti, Bontle Mrs FCPA P O Box 81118,Engen,Western By-pass,Gaborone
93 20110229 Active Letsididi, Moabi Mr FCPA P O BOX 402043,Gaborone
94 20110219 Active Letsile, Kefilwe Ms FCPA P.O Box 733 AAD,Poso House,Gaborone
95 20110095 Active Loeto, Daniel Mr FCPA Private Bag 154,Gaborone
96 20090072 Active Lungu- Chiteba, Nathalie Mrs FCPA P.O.BOX AD 599 ADD,KGALE POST NET,GABORONE
97 20060094 Active Mabiletsa, France Mr FCPA P O Box 26348,Gaborone
98 20020093 Active Mabjeng, Lesego Mr FCPA P O BOX 46581,Gaborone
99 20090016 Active Mabote, Ofentse Mr FCPA P O BOX 81744,GABORONE,
100 20120102 Active Madanha, Basil Mr FCPA P.O Box 2618,Selebi Phikwe
101 20110191 Active Madisa, Keamogetswe Mrs FCPA P.O. Box 1021,Mogoditshane
102 20110192 Active Madisa- Kgwarae, Ogone Mrs FCPA P O Box 21121,Gaborone,
103 20110078 Active Mafule, Tshiamo Mrs FCPA P O BOX 401589,Gaborone
104 20120099 Active Magana, Janet Mrs FCPA P O BOX 80874,Gaborone
105 19920611 Active Mahendran, Kirija Mrs FCPA P O BOX 47019,Gaborone
106 20110260 Active Maina, George Mr FCPA P O BOX 2831,Gaborone
107 20090011 Active Makana, Lulama Ms FCPA P O Box 2211,Mochudi
108 20100081 Active Makandwa, Never Mr FCPA P O Box 2125 ABG,Gaborone
109 20120141 Active Makandwa, Tapuwa Mrs FCPA P.O Box 778,Gaborone,Botswana
110 20110189 Active Makgona, Goemeone Ms FCPA P.O. Box 4537,Gaborone
111 20120063 Active Malinga, Mqhele Mr FCPA P O BOX 47584,Gaborone
112 20120249 Active Malladi, Satish Kumar Mr FCPA P O Box 1669,Francistown,
113 20120075 Active Mallavaram, Dhananjaya Reddy Mr FCPA P.O. Box 203375,Gaborone
114 19910272 Active Mantrala, Subrahmanyam Mr FCPA P O Box 70152,Gaborone
115 20110049 Active Manyepedza, Buzwani Mr FCPA P O Box 550,Gaborone
116 20020084 Active Marata, Opelo Mrs FCPA P o Box 500904,Gaborone
117 20110259 Active Marzook, Fathuma Mrs FCPA Private Bag 00479,Gaborone
118 20120250 Active Maseba, Govern Mr FCPA P.O. Box 404094,Gaborone
119 20110180 Active Masikati, Watson Mr FCPA P.O. Box 1839,Gaborone
120 20080055 Active Masire, Keramile Mrs FCPA P O BOX 301679,Tlokweng
121 20110143 Active Masitara, Poloko Mrs FCPA P.O. Box 60026,Gaborone
122 20080024 Active Maswere, Kemoneilwe Mr FCPA Private Bag 02,Jwaneng
123 20090014 Active Mateo, Joel Mr FCPA P O Box 405026,Broadhurst,Gaborone
124 20020086 Active Matlala, Tebogo Mrs FCPA P.O Box 1609,Mogoditshane
125 20160850 Active Matsetse, Ikanyeng Ms FCPA P O BOX 1451,Gaborone
126 20090125 Active Mazengera, Shereni Mr FCPA P O BOX 183,Gaborone
127 20040030 Active Mbaakanyi, Tumi Miss FCPA P O Box AB 28,ABC,GABORONE
128 20060126 Active Mbayi, Banabotlhe Mrs FCPA P O BOX 80618,Gaborone
129 19930014 Active Mbene, Ranwell Mr FCPA P O BOX 267,Gaborone
130 20060022 Active Mbewe, Aubrey Kabwe Mr FCPA Private Bag 00319,Gaborone
131 20070033 Active Mbo, Mbako Mr FCPA P O BOX 3754,Gaborone
132 20110046 Active Mc Cann, Ciara Ms FCPA P O BOX AD 322 ADD,Postnet Kgale,Gaborone
133 20120095 Active Meka, Teja Mrs FCPA P O BOX 10817,Francistown
134 20120118 Active Mesotlo, Maemo Mr FCPA P O BOX 404299,Gaborone
135 20080064 Active Mfuni, Pyoka Mr FCPA P O Box AD 414 ADD,Kgale,Gaborone
136 19910414 Active Mgadla, Rebecca Mmaesadi Mrs FCPA P O Box 47196,Gaborone
137 20120255 Active Mhaladi, Hildah Miss FCPA Po Box 1368,Molepolole
138 20100127 Active Mhlauli, Lindile Miss FCPA P O BOX 601569,Gaborone
139 20090051 Active Mhlophe, Siphephile Ms FCPA P O BOX 82315,Gaborone
140 20120078 Active Michael, Manu Mr FCPA P.O Box 778,Gaborone
141 20060017 Active Mine, Bonny Mrs FCPA Private Bag 00495 ,Gaborone
142 20120064 Active Mmoloke, Tshepiso Mr FCPA P O B0x 465 ,Metsimotlhabe
143 20020047 Active Mmopi, Baemedi Mr FCPA P O BOX 40806,Gaborone
144 20110206 Active Mmusi, Mosetsanagape Mrs FCPA P.O. Box 21047,Gaborone
145 20110141 Active Mmusi, Motlatsi Mr FCPA P O box 46038,Gaborone
146 20090058 Active Mmusi, Patrick Mr FCPA P O BOX 21047,Gaborone
147 20070040 Active Modikana, Ronald Mr FCPA P O BOX 501784,Gaborone
148 20020123 Active Modisaemang, Semakaleng Miss FCPA P O BOX 1703 ,Gaborone
149 20110185 Active Modise, Gosegomang Mrs FCPA P.O. Box 60788,Gaborone,BO
150 20030003 Active Mogopa, Boitumelo Mrs FCPA P O Box 1552,Gaborone
151 20170286 Active Mohamed Nihas, Mohamed Rihab Mr FCPA P O Box 1549,Selebi Phikwe
152 20060096 Active Mohamed Ramzan, Uzman. Mohideen Mr FCPA Private Bag BO 16,Gaborone
153 20100019 Active Mokotedi, Boipelo Mr FCPA P O BOX 10408,Gaborone Village,Gaborone
154 20100075 Active Mokotedi, Joy Mrs FCPA P O BOX 81109,Gaborone
155 20010090 Active Molebo-Ntshole, Julia Mrs FCPA P O BOX 60195 ,Gaborone
156 19920607 Active Molefe, Boitumelo Mrs FCPA P.O Box 1475,Gaborone
157 20110222 Active Molefe, Ontlametse Ms FCPA P O BOX 3901,Gaborone
158 20110220 Active Moloi, Vincent Mr FCPA P O BOX 10229,Gaborone
159 20110093 Active Molomo, Pearl Mrs FCPA P O BOX 4074,Gaborone
160 20110142 Active Molomo, Selemogo Mr FCPA P.O. Box 478 ,Gaborone ,
161 19990065 Active Molosiwa, Agodirwe Miss FCPA P O BOX 550062,Mogoditshane
162 20100165 Active Mompati, Daniel Mr FCPA P O BOX 46594,Gaborone
163 19950031 Active Moorad, Bilkiss Mrs FCPA P O Box 45277,Riverwalk,Gaborone
164 20070051 Active Morei, Bothwell Mr FCPA P O BOX 602026,Gaborone
165 20110105 Active Moroka, Obakeng Mr FCPA P O BOX 47774,Phakalane ,Gaborone
166 20130218 Active Morutwa, Stephen Mr FCPA P.O. Box 301685,Tlokweng
167 20090117 Active Mosarwe, Rowesai Mrs FCPA P O BOX 624,Gaborone
168 19970068 Active Mosedame, Oral Mr FCPA P.O Box 5125,Gaborone
169 20110198 Active Mothelesi, Ntsebo Mrs FCPA P.O. Box 60167,Gaborone
170 20100120 Active Motiki, Eutlwetse Ms FCPA P O Box 3014,Selebi Phikwe
171 20090081 Active Motlhale, Jacob Mr FCPA P O Box 502485,Gaborone
172 19990071 Active Motlogelwa, Marshlow Mr FCPA Private Bag 003,Poso House,Gaborone
173 20110123 Active Motshegwa, Setlhalefi Mr FCPA P.O. Box 60424,Gaborone
174 20040011 Active Motshubi, Tapologo Mr FCPA Private Bag 2242,Gaborone
175 20000131 Active Motsu, Dominic Mr FCPA Private Bag 46658,Gaborone
176 20110082 Active Motswainyana, Galeboe Ms FCPA P O BOX 26622,Gaborone
177 20010095 Active Motswaiso, Colleen Mrs FCPA Private Bag 00438,Gaborone
178 20030074 Active Mubarak, Mohammed Ali Mr FCPA P O Box 922,Selibe Phikwe
179 20070117 Active Muganhiri, Simon Mr FCPA P O BOX 40096,Gaborone
180 20030067 Active MUGOMBA, ROBSON Mr FCPA P O Box2570 AAD,Poso House,Gaborone
181 20030088 Active Muke, Taboka Mrs FCPA P O Box 501225,Gaborone
182 19960071 Active MUKONDE, YAGAN Mr FCPA P O BOX 412,Gaborone
183 20070060 Active Mukunyadze, Harold Mr FCPA P O BOX 2770,Gaborone
184 20130143 Active Mukushi, Kudakwashe Mr FCPA P / Bag 00296,Gaborone
185 20120247 Active Mullamangalam Kesavan, Anoop Mr FCPA Po Box 1900,Gaborone
186 20110121 Active Munthali, Allan Mr FCPA P.O. Box 778,Gaborone,Botswana
187 20110266 Active Munthali, Vilipo Mr FCPA P O BOX 5548,Gaborone
188 20000122 Active Murwisi, Lillian Mrs FCPA P.O Box AD 239 ADD,Postnet Kgale,Gaborone
189 20110144 Active Musena, Tarisai Mr FCPA P.O. Box 329,Gaborone
190 20080036 Active Muzondo, Alois Mr FCPA P O BOX 1839 ,Gaborone
191 20110088 Active Mwaba, Eugene Mr FCPA Private Bag 00319,Gaborne
192 20110197 Active Mylvaganam, Niranjan Mr FCPA Private Bag 601044,Gaborone,
193 19900295 Active Naik, Surendrabhai Amratlal Mr FCPA P O Box 778,Gaborone
194 19930076 Active Ncube, Chester Mr FCPA Private Bag BR 214,Gaborone ,
195 20090069 Active Ndlovu, Nkosana Mr FCPA PO Box AD 44 AAF ,Southring Postnet Kgale,Gaborone
196 20060077 Active Ndlovu, Sifiso Miss FCPA P O Box 26028,Gaborone,
197 20120245 Active Ndoda, Ntokozo Ms FCPA P O Box 294,Gaborone
198 20050017 Active Ndove, Tigelo Mrs FCPA P O BOX 402458 ,Gaborone
199 20100109 Active Ndungu, Jessee Mr FCPA P O Box 41015,Gaborone
200 20040096 Active Ndwapi, Boitumelo Mrs FCPA P O Box 601645 ,Gaborone
201 20080010 Active Ndzinge, Thatayaone Mr FCPA P O BOX 20230,Gaborone
202 20100024 Active Nende, Weston Mr FCPA Private Bag BR 15,Gaborone
203 19920613 Active Ngome-Leburu, Serty Mrs FCPA P O BOX 80374,Gaborone
204 19970014 Active Nhovo, Jonathan Mr FCPA P/Bag 35 ,Palapye
205 20060112 Active Njoroge, Peter Mr FCPA P O BOX 25379,Gaborone
206 20110122 Active Nkanga, Ephifania Ms FCPA P O Box 504743,Gaborone
207 19900302 Active Nkani, Limited Mr FCPA Private Bag 0056,GABORONE,
208 20110190 Active Nkoloi, Idah Mrs FCPA P.O. Box 25575,Gaborone
209 20110089 Active Nkwe, Theetso Mrs FCPA P O BOX 1681,Gaborone
210 20020050 Active Nlanda, Mendel Mr FCPA P O Box 70353 ,Gaborone
211 20030025 Active Ntabu, Christopher Mr FCPA P O BOX 60985,Gaborone
212 20110129 Active Ntwaetsile, Tuduetso Alice Mrs FCPA P.O. Box 4875,Gaborone
213 20110264 Active Oageng, Kediretswe Miss FCPA P O BOX 201118,Gaborone
214 20110139 Active Obita, Naume Miss FCPA P.O. Box 45847,Riverwalk,Gaborone
215 20010021 Active Olaleye, Felix Mr FCPA P O BOX 601209,Gaborone
216 20100047 Active Osman, Mohamed Mr FCPA P o BOX 1796,Gaborone
217 20120115 Active Padavan Thimothy, Clint Mr FCPA P.O Box 60343,Gaborone West
218 20110182 Active PandariParambil Asokan, Anjish Mr FCPA Private Bag 00278 ,Gaborone
219 19910404 Active Parthasarathy, Krishnan Mr FCPA P O Box 2428,Gaborone
220 20000105 Active PATEL, AHMED Ismail Mr FCPA P O Box 2363,Gaborone
221 19970041 Active Patterson, Colm Mr FCPA P o Box 294 Gaborone
222 20110187 Active Phoi, Realeboga Miss FCPA P.O. Box 1552,Gaborone
223 20110246 Active Phokoletso Nee Dube, Emeldah Ms FCPA P O BOX 3122,Gaborone
224 20020016 Active Ralefala, Tiny Miss FCPA P O BOX 1047 ,Mochudi
225 19900322 Active Ralls, Malcolm Mr FCPA P/Bag F86,Francistown
226 20120251 Active Ramabu, Isaac Mr FCPA P O Box 301769,Tlokweng,
227 19930018 Active Ramachandran, Ottappathu Mr FCPA Privare Bag 0023,LOBATSE
228 19920447 Active Ramachandran, Ranjith Kumar Mr FCPA P O BOX 60294,Gaborone
229 19910408 Active Ramarayanan, Ramakrishnan Mr FCPA Private Bag BO270,Bontleng ,Gaborone
230 20110128 Active Ramaselwana, Olivia Mrs FCPA P/BAG BO 173,BONTLENG,GABORONE
231 20020044 Active Ramsden, Tebogo Mr FCPA P O BOX 45029 ,Gaborone
232 20130217 Active Ranganathan, Ram Harith Mr FCPA P/Bag 101,Lobatse
233 20110248 Active Rehman, Matey Ur Mr FCPA P O BOX 404326,Gaborone
234 20100028 Active Roddy, Timothy Mr FCPA P O BOX AD 322 ADD,Postnet Kgale,Gaborone
235 20040063 Active Rwelengera, Barati Miss FCPA P O BOX 20940,Gaborone
236 20110145 Active Samusodza, Cleophas Mr FCPA P/Bag 0095,Gaborone,New CBD/Square Mart
237 20110164 Active Santsoma, Kealeboga Mr FCPA P O BOX 53313,Gaborone
238 20060010 Active Scates, Mark Mr FCPA Private Bag 00322 ,Gaborone
239 20120079 Active Sebokolodi, Lobone Ms FCPA P.O. Box 81070,Gaborone
240 20120246 Active Sebolai, Phemelo Mr FCPA P.O Box 40462,Gaborone
241 20110073 Active Sebolao, Ishmael Mr FCPA P O Box 1357,Gaborone
242 20100011 Active Sebonego, Ontlametse Mrs FCPA P O BOX 81335,Gaborone
243 20110140 Active Sefawe, Pascaline Mrs FCPA P O Box v1788,Ramotswa
244 19990040 Active Segage, Poloko Mr FCPA P O BOX 80227,Gaborone
245 20090026 Active Segwabe, Otsile Oats Mr FCPA P O BOX 754,Gabane
246 20070011 Active Seleka, Dimpho Mrs FCPA P O BOX 502086,Gaborone
247 20110193 Active Selvaraj, Ushandani Mrs FCPA P.O. Box 294,Gaborone,
248 20030087 Active Setshogo, Olefile Mr FCPA P O BOX 401321,Gaborone
249 20120183 Active Shagwa, Bakani Miss FCPA P.O. Box 44,Gaborone
250 19950079 Active Shah, Kaushik Mr FCPA Out of the Country
251 20120258 Active Shahul Hameed, Mohamed Rizwan Mr FCPA P O Box 493,,G/West Industrial Area,,Gaborone.
252 19980043 Active Sharma, Arun Mr FCPA P O Box 26121,Gaborone
253 20110115 Active Shonhiwa, Esther Miss FCPA P.O. Box 4403,Gaborone
254 20130264 Active Siakalangu, Bob Mr FCPA P O Box AE 664 AEH,Gaborone
255 19950039 Active Sinha, Saumendu Mr FCPA P O BOX 294,Gaborone
256 20110233 Active Sivapragasam, Praveen Kumar Mr FCPA P o BOX 294,Gaborone
257 20110092 Active Skelemani, Chaha Mr FCPA P O BOX 1265,Gaborone
258 19940039 Active SRIRANGAM, RAMESH Mr FCPA Private Bag 00137,Gaborone
259 20120182 Active Sudharshan, Balasundaram Mr FCPA P.O. Box 10879,Lobatse,Botswana
260 20060123 Active Sultanigy, Dalilah Ms FCPA P O Box 40753, Gaborone,
261 20110261 Active Sundaralingam, Kandasamy Mr FCPA P O BOX 294,Gaborone
262 20120100 Active Tapping, Lauren Ms FCPA C/O Private Bag 115 ,Gaborone
263 20110236 Active Tatlhego, Johane Mr FCPA P O BOX 602430,Gaborone
264 20040045 Active Tau, Tabuya Mrs FCPA P O Box 26394,Gaborone
265 20100062 Active Tazvitadza, Lindsey Mrs FCPA P O BOX 250101,Maun
266 20040080 Active Tebogo, Baitshepi Mr FCPA P O BOX 2039,Mogoditshane
267 20120180 Active Tele, Davies Mr FCPA P.O. Box 70176,Gaborone
268 20090114 Active Thebe, Kagiso Mr FCPA P O BOX 4694,Main Mall,Gaborone
269 20110188 Active Thekiso, Dimpho Miss FCPA P O Box 504744,Gaborone
270 20130105 Active Thindwa, Kenneth Mr FCPA P/Bag 00319,Gaborone
271 19920442 Active Thomas, Francis Mr FCPA GPO Box 4200,Darwin, NT 0820,Australia
272 19930081 Active Thusoo, Ajay Kumar Mr FCPA P O BOX 149,GABORONE
273 20020060 Active Tibe, Kesolofetse Mrs FCPA P.O. BOX 21422 ,Gaborone
274 20000093 Active Tidi, Ruth Mrs FCPA P O BOX 81363 ,Gaborone
275 19990069 Active Tjitjindua, Francinah Miss FCPA P O BOX 40873 ,Gabaorone
276 20110119 Active Tobedza, Mosetsanagape Mrs FCPA P O BOX 46773,Gaborone
277 20110181 Active Tuelo, Refhilwe Mrs FCPA P.O Box 841,Gaborone
278 20100021 Active Ugokwe, Kenneth Chinedu Mr FCPA P O Box AE679 AEH,Molapo Crossing,Gaborone
279 20110183 Active Van Der Vyver, Donovan Allan Mr FCPA P O BOX 1839 ,Gaborone
280 19940070 Active Van Rooyen, Ben-Nico Mr FCPA P.O Box 402050,Gaborone
281 19980073 Active Venkataramani, Subbarao Mr FCPA Private Bag BR 60 ,Gaborone
282 20180236 Active Virima, Eriam FCPA P O Box AD 688,Jwaneng
283 20090050 Active Vishwanath, Suresh Mr FCPA P O BOX 602028,Gaborone
284 20120189 Active Wasserman, Christiaan Mr FCPA Private Bag 115,Gaborone
285 20090067 Active Wellio, Alice Ms FCPA P O Box 478,Gaborone
286 20161020 Active Were, Isaac Mr FCPA P.O Box 45760,Riverwalk,Gaborone
287 19970029 Active Wickramatunge, Wedarachige Mr FCPA P O BOX 356 ,Gaborone
288 19980078 Active Zaheed, Muhammad Mr FCPA P O Box 11752,Palapye
289 20070042 Active Zavahir, Tarique Mr FCPA P O BOX 1921,Gaborone