CPD Declaration Form

Kindly Complete the CPD Declaration Form below

*Please note that the requirement is 40 hours of CPD each year (a minimum of 21 hours must be verifiable.)

As a basic tenet of membership, BICA members are required to understand and uphold the highest standards of ethics and professional conducts. Failure to do so by any member jeopardises the reputation of the accounting profession and undermines public trust in the value the profession adds to the society. In order to assist members in understanding their duties with respect to ethics and professional conduct, BICA has adopted a Code of Ethics which can be accessed at https://www.bica.org.bw. As part of BICA’s efforts to ensure that members adhere to these expectations, members are required to confirm their understanding and adherence to the expected level of conduct on an annual basis. It is for this reason that this CPD annual return form incorporates the declaration on code of ethics.