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Association of Accounting Technician (AAT)

Accounting - the skill needed by businesses everywhere

Accounting is a cornerstone of business. The biggest multinationals, the smallest local enterprises and businesses of every size in between depend upon the talents of people trained in accountancy.

Studying for the AAT Accounting Qualification will give you the skills to work in many different kinds of companies and organisations - and give you the choice of a wide variety of job opportunities. As a qualified accounting professional in a smaller business, you might be the only member of staff who is expert in finance. While in a larger company, you might be part of a wider financial team. Or you might opt to work for yourself after qualifying - providing accountancy services for small businesses and the self-employed.

What is AAT Botswana?

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) was set up over 25 years ago - and is one of the world’s leading membership organisations for accounting professionals with over 100,000 members. We are dedicated to providing training, support and advice to our members at every stage of their career. When you study for an AAT qualification, you also become a student member of the AAT.

The AAT’s head offices are in London, but since 1998, we have worked with the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) to form AAT Botswana. This means that as an AAT student in Botswana you have a national office to provide expertise, resources and help during your course.

  • Now AAT members and Graduates can apply for BICA membership at Accounting   Technician Level.

AAT/BICA Fees & Initial Registration
AAT Student Fees for 2017

Exchange rate 1:14.6
Prices from 1st January 2017

Admission  fee
(Paid by new Student only)
GBP 41 P 574.00
Annual students Subscription fee
(Paid by both new and `old` re-registered students)
GBP 80 P 1120.00
Initial Registration (New students total fees) GBP 134 P 1,596.00
Duplicate Certificate GBP 23 P 335.80
BICA Banking Details
Account Number :9060000684185
Account Name : BICA /AAT
Bank : Stanbic Bank
Branch : Fairground
Deposit slip / Cheque to be submitted to BICA along with the application form and supporting documents.

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